Always be aware with Smart Cameras

It's almost like being there…you can check on your home from anywhere, giving you full awareness and control and, most importantly, peace of mind.

Smart Cameras, There is a difference

  • Skybell Video Doorbell

  • Outdoor HDR Cameras

  • Indoor Wifi Camera

  • Call-out Camera

  • Smart SVR

Answer your front door from anywhere.

Our Video Doorbell lets you see who's ringing, so you can answer the door and speak to your visitors with two-way audio – all from your phone. You can also record doorbell-triggered clips and set motion-triggered automation rules with your smart lights or CCTV cameras.

Instant Alerts

Get instant alerts to your smart phone when your doorbell captures motion and when your doorbell button is pushed.

Let visitors in, with one button.

Our doorbell camera gives you the ability to unlock your front door for visitors as you speak with them. It's the perfect smart home way to greet them, when you're not at home.

Watch Now or Watch Later

Want to see whats happening right now? Live view your home anytime with your GoKonnect Smart Home app. If you're busy and missed anything, you can always check your recorded clips on demand.

Capture only the moments you want.

Create virtual tripwires and motion boxes with our video analytics feature to capture what you want. This limits your alerts to people, animals and vehicles. It even works alongside our IR Night Vision to cover the darkest of areas.

See more with HDR.

Our outdoor WiFi camera gives you a clearer quality image with HDR. It means that you see more detail in the brighter & darker areas of your image. HDR is especially useful for capturing clear video in areas with harsh lighting conditions.

Record when you want with schedules.

Set your cameras to record when an alarm is triggered or when a door is unexpectedly opened. You can even have your cameras record when you leave for work in the morning & stop when you come home.

Be at home when you're not.

The Indoor Wi-Fi Camera gives a crystal-clear view that captures the entire room. With the Indoor Wi-Fi camera’s wide field-of-view, the moment someone walks by, our smart motion detection records a 30-second clip.

Don't miss out.

Two-way talk gives you direct contact with anyone at home. Check-in on the kids to see if they are behaving, doing their homework or just to say “hi”. And the best thing is, you’ll hear them too.

We've got the night shift.

Kids up after bedtime. Pets running around making a mess. Our Indoor Wi-Fi camera’s IR Night Vision watches over your home 24/7 so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Let the kids connect when you're not at home.

With the push of the call-out button, quickly connect with family members when you're at work, out of the house or on-the-go. Encourage them quickly drop in with homework questions, share a drawing or just say hi!

Turn it into a Bluetooth speaker

Connect your phone with Bluetooth mode and play your favourite music, listen to your weekly podcast or experience a gripping audiobook.

Get a clear view with 180­°.

Our indoor call-out camera has a fantastic wide angle lens that allows you to see the entire room. You can also choose and area you want to focus on with our digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom.

Continuous 24 Hour Recording

Store more video from your cameras so that you’ll never miss a moment. Our Smart SVR gives you continuous 30 days recording, 24 hours a day on your choice of Indoor and outdoor cameras.

Event Markers.

Simplify what you're looking for with even markers. Your smart SVR places event markers when your cameras detect motion or other activity such as—a door or window opened.

Smart Playback.

With our smart SVR, you have the ability to playback your day, whether you're at home or not, through your mobile device, tablet or PC.

Check in on your home, from anywhere

It's almost like being there... Click below to see how we give you full awareness, control and, most importantly, peace of mind.

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    Outdoor Wifi Camera

    Never miss a thing at home again. Get Live view, Real-time AI motion detection alerts that will tell you if a person is in the back garden, or if the kids are late home from school.

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    Skybell Video Doorbell

    Miss the delivery driver or just the in-laws? With our Two-way talk smart motion detection Skybell HD Doorbell camera, You will never miss anyone at your front door again

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    Call-out Camera

    From Two-way Calling to enhanced zoom to Bluetooth audio, this compact camera lets you connect with family when you're not there.

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    Smart SVR

    GoKonnect Smart SVR fully integrates with your GoKonnect Smart Home, so you can view your recordings from anywhere using your smartphone.

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    Preview image

    Indoor Wifi Camera

    Smart Indoor WIFI Camera for your Home. Indoor camera with motion detection alerts, Live View from anywhere in the world and control via your Smart Phone.

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    Smart Hub

    View your cameras, answer your front door and control your entire smart home from your Smart Home hub.

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View all your smart home cameras with just one app.

Our cameras work seamlessly with your smart home, sending you instant alerts when activity is detected, giving you two-way talk to chat with the family and much more.

Motion Detection

All our cameras feature motion detecton that is completely customizable to your home and needs.

Two-way Talk

We make it easy to check-up on loved ones and pets to make sure everything is okay at home.

Instant Alerts

Tailor your alerts for each camera and have them protecting your home in minutes.

Keep an eye on what matters most

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